This my personal website. What are you doing here? I guess you might like to know more about me? If so, read on...

I like to make weird stuff. I like to make stuff to express myself, and hopefully to make a connection with other folks who dig the stuff I make.

Stuff I've made

  1. PC


    1. Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon
      Artist's statement TBD.
    2. Byte Driver
      Artist's statement TBD.
    3. Radical Chess
      Artist's statement TBD.
    4. R-COIL
      Artist's statement TBD.
  1. Mobile


    1. Radical Solitaire
      Looks and plays like the standard Klondike Solitaire PC game that you might remember, with a little extra wrinkle. Radical Solitaire is a love letter to wasted time. The game can never be lost. Winning a deal is both trivially easy and often fairly time consuming. Radical Solitaire reminds us that there is value beyond productivity.
    2. Shkapang!
      A breakout-like with everything dialed to 11. Shkapang is an homage to the coin-op arcade days of games, right down the monetization, with a virtual token system.

Other Stuff

  1. Musical


    1. Some Album
      Artist's statement TBD.