I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve collaborated with folks to make games. I’ve made games on my own in the hopes that people would play them. I've recorded a lot of music, some good... some really weird. I’ve taught kids the basics of game programming. I’ve performed live music as part of a costumed rock band.

The throughline of all of my work is my desire to meaningfully connect with other people. Whether interacting with a person directly, collaborating with them on a creative venture, or by having them interact with an experience I helped make, my goal is to have them come away from that interaction changed, and to allow myself to be changed by them.

Here are some of the things I’ve done.

Solo Game Development

  1. PC / Console


    1. Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon
      This is a combination Twin Stick Dungeon Shooter and Rhythm game. Every movement and shot is locked to the beat. Each weapon you pick up automatically fires a pattern that matches the music. The intended result is for a player to feel like they're dancing, live mixing music, and playing an old school acrade game at the same time.
    2. Byte Driver
      Byte Driver is a recreation of a vector graphics arcade game that never really existed. In this game players will drive really fast, hack and steal the weapons systems of the cars around them, and maybe save the world from autonomous vehicles and the sentient AI that controls them.
    3. Radical Chess
      Radical Chess is a chess variant where each piece has persistant health and must fight to the death for control of co-occupied tiles. Each piece also has a unique experience-based leveling up system and some special abilities.
    4. R-COIL
      This was my first foray into solo game development and I learned a lot by making it. This is a fairly standard thrust and shoot space shooter that leans into the idea that each weapon you fire pushes you in the opposite direction. It's a little too difficult for mass consumption, but it is an interesting exploration of a strange idea.
  1. Mobile


    1. Radical Solitaire
      Looks and plays like the standard Klondike Solitaire PC game that you might remember, with a little extra wrinkle. Radical Solitaire is a love letter to wasted time. The game can never be lost. Winning a deal is both trivially easy and often fairly time consuming. Radical Solitaire reminds us that there is value beyond productivity.
    2. Shkapang!
      A breakout-like with everything dialed to 11. Shkapang is an homage to the coin-op arcade days of games, right down to the monetization, with a virtual token system.
    3. Wordlike Infinite
      It's a Wordle clone that goes on forever. I made it for my partner, who wanted more Wordle than one Wordle a day. It's way too much Wordle.

Other Stuff

  1. Professional


    1. Among Us VR
      Project Director
    2. I Expect You To Die
      Project Director - Oculus Share Version (The Car Level)
    3. Enemy Mind
      Concept, Project Director, Lead Engineer, Sound Design, Music
    4. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
      Project Director, Engineer
  1. Musical


    1. Byte Driver Original Soundtrack
      Synthwave soundtrack. Not my favorite genre of music, but after a month of total immersion I was able to put this together.
    2. Gumbotron
      A full-length album using only audio that backers of this Kickstarter project contributed. This work is an example of large scale distributed cooperation and collaboration. It's weird, as you might expect, but it was also a deeply rewarding expericence that I feel priveledged to have completed.
  1. Words

    1. Radical Chess User Manual [PDF]
      The "long lost" Radical Chess User Manual